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Tractor Forum

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Tractor is a simple PHP and MySQL based internet forum. The main claim of this web forum is simplicity. Furthermore it should be easy to install and run on a standard server configuration with PHP and MySQL.

Online documentation: http://tt.ap01.aws.af.cm/doc/


  • Unlimited categories
  • Markdown support in posts, comments, profiles
  • Using Limonade Framework 0.5.0
  • Recent Posts in all categories

Change Log


  • MarkdownExtended was added & support more markdown format.
  • Languages support
  • Optimize includes path
  • URL slug(category,post)
  • Search for all posts
  • Sub categories support


  • User register add email field.
  • User login deleted check.
  • Fix post list last comment user nickname.
  • SEO Meta tags(keywords,description,author,etc..).
  • Html head titles on category & post pages.

LIVE PREVIEWGet it now for only $11